Aspire Nautilus/Nautilus 2S BVC Replacement Coil

//  Aspire Nautilus BVC Replacement Coils Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils designed for use with theAspire Nautilus MiniAspire Nautilus Aspire K3 Tank Aspire Nautilus 2S Coils are designed for use with all newAspire Nautilus 2S Aspire Nautilus NS (Nicotine ..

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Aspire Nautilus BVC Replacement Coils


Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils designed for use with the

  • Aspire Nautilus Mini
  • Aspire Nautilus 
  • Aspire K3 Tank


Aspire Nautilus 2S Coils are designed for use with all new

  • Aspire Nautilus 2S


Aspire Nautilus NS (Nicotine Salt) coils are designed for use with the all new

  • Nautilus AIO 


These new Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils are designed to last longer while still providing the purest and cleanest flavor from all your favourite eLiquids.

 Note: 0.7 Ohm Coil can not be used with the Aspire K3 Kit.

 Price is for 1 Piece.



What is a BVC coil?

The Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils are an enhanced version of the Aspire Nautilus Coils. Using a ‘Bottom Vertical Coil’, the Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils are designed for better performance compared to other coil types, including Bottom Single Vertical Coils and Bottom Dual Coils. Enjoy a strong, clean flavour from your electronic cigarette or vape juice with long-lasting Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils.

What coils does the Aspire Nautilus use?

The range of Aspire Nautilus tanks are only compatible with Aspire Nautilus or Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils. Using the recommended coils for your Aspire Nautilus can provide the best vapour production and flavour, creating a superior vaping experience. If you’re unsure which coils are suitable for your tank, get in touch with our friendly team today.

How long do Aspire Nautilus Coils last?

The life of your coils depends on a few factors, including the frequency of use, battery voltage and the type of juice you’re using, as certain flavours tend to burn coils faster. On average, Aspire Nautilus Coils last around 10 days with regular use. Heavy users may find that their coils only last a few days.

Which Nautilus Coils are best?

VapeKing has a range of coils that are compatible with the Aspire Nautilus series. The best Aspire Nautilus Coils depends on the size of your tank and your vaping preferences. Those who prefer a stronger MTL intake can select from the 1.8 Ohm coils, while those that prefer DTL can select from 0.4 Ohm or 0.7 Ohm coils.

What are Aspire Nautilus Coils made of?

Aspire Nautilus Coils are designed for an intense flavour and vapour experience. Created with a single vertically-positioned Kanthal coil and organic cotton, the Aspire Nautilus MINI Coils provide maximum wicking. The 0.7 Ohm Nautilus Coils feature a stainless steel mesh to produce an exceptional flavour and vapour experience.


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